Cajun Moon

The Band

      From left to right: Filip (guitar & vocals), Sarah (vocals), Annelies (vocals), Stevie (guitar & vocals), Kristof (drums & percussion), Gunter (hammond organ & accordeon), Carlo (bass guitar), Hannes (guitar & vocals)

In our neck of the woods, Cajun Moon has been a household name for many years. The band counts no less than eight exquisite musicians who translate their love for roots music into passionate and captivating versions of songs with a firm anchor into American soil.


As a result, the audience gets to hear attractive and personal versions  from songs by The Band, Bod Dylan, CCR, Paul Simon and other musical giants.


The  group interprets their music with tremendous respect and a lot of love, often  electric, sometimes acoustic  and  regularly sung in five parts.


Cajun Moon is the ultimate band for everyone who has a huge heart and a strong soul for roots music.